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Introduction to the production process of extruded aluminum busbar

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Introduction to the production process of extruded aluminum busbar




Product Detail

The extruded aluminum busbar is a long strip with a uniform cross-section. Generally speaking, its cross-section is sawed from any length, and the shape is the same. And if you look closely, you can see some fine extrusion lines. For example, square, rectangular, and angle aluminum are the simplest extruded aluminum rows in cross-section.

The extruded aluminum busbar is extruded by an extruder by heating a round aluminum rod to its critical point. Die-cast aluminum is made of aluminum ingots and alloy materials, which are melted in a furnace and formed in a die-casting machine. The shape of die-casting aluminum products can be designed like toys, with different shapes, which are convenient for connection in various directions. In addition, it has high hardness and strength, and can be mixed with zinc to form zinc-aluminum alloys.

Extruded pure aluminum bar, as an important part of switchgear, busbar is mainly used in electrical engineering such as high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, busway, etc. As a conductive bus, it has the advantages of low resistivity and large bendability. . Compared with this, copper bars are also widely used.

Other extruded aluminum busbar: Polygonal glass body grinding machines and grinding machines must be required to process multi-faceted glass bodies. These grinders must also be equipped with a sufficient number of fixtures for bonding workpieces, commonly known as "aluminum rows". Only in this way can product quality and fast production efficiency be guaranteed.

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