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4N High purity aluminum busbar plate

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4N High purity aluminum busbar plate




Product Detail

Our company can provide: 520mm*1080mm*5900mm high-purity 4N High purity aluminum busbar plate, The high-purity aluminum-aluminum busbar is silver-white, with a smooth surface, clear crystal grains, and no inclusions. High-purity aluminum has properties such as low deformation resistance, high electrical conductivity and good plasticity, and is mainly used in scientific research, electronic industry, chemical industry and the manufacture of high-purity alloys, laser materials and some other special purposes. The products are generally supplied in semi-circular ingots or long slab ingots. The mass of each semi-circular ingot is not less than 45kg. The mass of each long slab ingot is not more than 25kg.
4N High purity aluminum busbar plate Compared with the traditional primary processing aluminum ingot, the production of high purity aluminum has higher product added value and profit margin. . High-purity aluminum has many excellent properties and is widely used. It has better electrical conductivity, ductility, reflectivity and corrosion resistance than primary aluminum, and has a wide range of uses in the electronics industry, aerospace and other fields.
4N High purity aluminum busbar plate is used in the electronics industry to make high-voltage capacitor aluminum foil, high-performance wires, and bonding wires for integrated circuits; ); in high-speed rail transit, in addition to the need to use high-purity aluminum to prepare high-performance alloys for high-speed rail transit vehicles, high-purity aluminum has the characteristics of low magnetic permeability and light specific gravity, and has been widely used in magnetic levitation materials; optical applications , A large number of aluminum reflectors are used in car lamp reflectors and astronomical telescopes in the automobile industry. Foreign countries are also studying the use of high-purity aluminum as the reflective surface of large astronomical telescopes. With the further understanding and development of the properties of high-purity aluminum, the application prospects of high-purity aluminum are getting wider and wider.

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