Aluminum busbar conductor

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Aluminum busbar conductor

Author:Frank  Time:2023-05-06
Aluminum busbar conductor





Aluminum busbar conductor refers to the connection copper or aluminum bar between the master switch in the electrical cabinet and the switch in each branch circuit in the power supply system. The surface is insulated, and the main function is to use it as a wire. Aluminum busbar is one of the main varieties of copper and aluminum processing materials. Aluminum busbar has high mechanical properties, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, electroplating, brazing, beautiful metallic luster and good forming performance, etc.


Power transmission and transformation, electrical equipment, etc. have been widely used in the field of electric power. In recent years, with the continuous and rapid development of the national economy, the production and consumption of aluminum busbars have also increased significantly, and the quality requirements for copper busbars have also been continuously improved.


The main power supply line of the power distribution device uses an Aluminum Busbar, also known as the Aluminum Bus Conductor, and each branch line (branch row) is led up and down from the busbar. Sometimes also called aluminum busbar, it is the name of the conductive material on power distribution equipment, the material is copper (equivalent to wire), there is no insulation layer, and the outside is painted with color paint indicating the phase sequence, mainly used for indoor transformers to power distribution cabinets Then go to the main power switch and then connect to each branch switch.


Aluminum busbar conductor Specifications:

Alloy grade: 1060 1070 1350 6101 6061 6063

Status: H112, T4, T63, T7

Thickness: 2mm ~ 10mm

Width: 5mm ~ 100mm

Length: 3000mm/6000mm


Aluminum busbar conductor Advantages

The aluminum bar made of aluminum material is called aluminum row, which plays the role of conveying current and connecting electrical equipment in the circuit.

The aluminum bar has the same function as the copper bar, which is suitable for electrical engineering such as high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, and busbars. The electrical aluminum bar supplied by Qingyi has the advantages of low resistivity and large bendability. The aluminum row is light in weight and easy to install: the ratio of the weight of the aluminum row to the area of ​​the evaporator is about one-sixth of that of the Ф38 steel pipe. The easy installation can save a lot of structural investment and save the energy consumption of the production structure;

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