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4Y32 cold drawn aluminium square bar

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4Y32 cold drawn aluminium square bar




Product Detail

4Y32 cold drawn aluminium square bar belongs to Al-Si series deformed aluminium alloy, and Si is the main alloying element. Since the specific gravity and linear expansion coefficient of Si are both smaller than those of aluminium and the latent heat of fusion of face-centered cubic crystal is larger, it is added to the aluminium matrix; it can improve the The fluidity of the alloy is reduced, the shrinkage and hot cracking tendency of the alloy is reduced, the porosity and shrinkage are reduced, and the air tightness is improved. After effective modification treatment and heat treatment, the product has excellent mechanical properties, physical properties and corrosion resistance. 4Y32 cold drawn aluminium square bar The content of Si element is as high as 10%~12%, and together with Cu, Mn, Mg, Sb and other elements, there are more eutectic, primary Si and strengthening phase in the structure. These eutectic and primary Si grains are brittle. It is hard to improve the wear resistance of the alloy, so it has been paid more and more attention by the aviation, aerospace and transportation sectors.
The chemical composition of 4Y32 cold drawn aluminium square bar is:
Si: 10%~12%
Fe: 1.0%
Cu: 2.5%~3.5 %
Mn: 0.35%~0.64 %
Mg: 0.40%~0.60%
Sb: 0.10%~0.20%
Cr: 0.10%
Zn: 0.25%
Other elements: each type: ≤ 0.05; total: ≤ 0.15 and the balance is Al

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