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Aluminum tubular busbar, called "aluminum bus pipe", is a bus product using aluminum alloy pipe as conductor and external insulation. It is used to transmit electric energy and has the function of collecting and distributing electric power. The main conductor used to transmit electric energy in a power station or substation. Through aluminum tubular busbar, the electric energy output by generator, transformer or rectifier is transmitted to each user or other substation.
Aluminum tubular busbar plays a very important role in power and power grid production. It is an indispensable core conductive material in power engineering. The alloy commonly used for aluminum tubular busbar is 6063, 6061 and 6101.  The 6063 alloy is widely used in outdoor high-voltage substation tubular busbar due to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties.  In the case of high strength and low conductivity, the 6061 aluminum alloy tubular busbar is used.  In the case of high electrical conductivity and minimum mechanical loss, 6101 alloy tubular busbar is used.

Aluminum Tubular Busbar
Alloy: 3a21,6101, 6063, 6063re
Status: T4 T5 T6
Thickness: 5mm ~ 100mm
Outer diameter: 10mm ~ 500mm
Length: 1000 ~ 15000mm

aluminium tubular busbar chart
Cross-sectional area
+70°C current carrying capacity (A) Section coefficient W
Inertia radius R
Inertia R
theoretical weight (Kg/m) delivery length
3A21 6063 6063Re 3A21 6063 6063Re
Ф70/64 631 1560 1645 1700 10.3 2.37 35.5 1.73 1.72 ≤15
Ф80/72 955 2100 2226 2289 17.6 2.69 69.2 2.62 2.60 ≤15
Ф90/80 1335 2486 2635 2710 27.4 3.01 121 3.66 3.64 ≤15
Ф100/90 1491 2810 2979 3063 34.4 3.36 169 4.10 4.07 ≤15
Ф110/100 1649 2850 3021 3107 42.2 3.72 228 4.53 4.50 ≤15
Ф120/110 1805 3090 3275 3368 50.8 4.07 299 4.96 4.93 ≤15
Ф130/116 2703 3900 4134 4251 80.4 4.36 513 7.43 7.38 ≤15
Ф150/136 3143 4400 4664 4796 109.4 5.06 806 8.64 8.58 ≤12
Ф170/156 3583 4694 4976 5116 142.9 5.77 1193 9.88 9.81 ≤12
Ф200/180 5966 7460 7908 8131 275.1 6.73 2701 16.40 16.29 ≤12
Ф250/230 7536 8300 8798 9047 443.1 8.49 64.87 20.74 20.6 ≤12
aluminum tubular busbar’s chemical composition
Alloy chemical composition (%)  
Si Fe Mg Cu Re
3A21 0.6 0.7 1.0-1.6 0.20   remainder
6063 0.2-0.6 0.35 0.45-0.9 0.10   remainder
6063Re 0.2-0.6 0.35 0.1 0.10 0.07-0.16 remainder
6101 0.30-0.7 ≤0.50 0.35-0.8 ≤0.10   remainder

aluminum tubular busbar’s physical performance

Property / Alloy 3A21 6063(6063G) 6063RE 6101
Temper H14 T6 T6 H18,T6 O
Density(g/cm³)(20℃) 2.74 2.75 2.75 2.73
Melting point ℃ 620-640 630-650 630-650 616-665
Tensile Strength MPa ≥160 ≥205 ≥226 ≥210 ≤130
Yield strength MPa ≥135 ≥175 ≥196 ≥185 ≤110
Elongation % ≥4 ≥8 ≥5 ≥8 ≥20
Thermal conductivity,
(K /℃ x cm x s)
0.46 0.5 0.55 0.5
Electrical Conductivity IACS% 41 52 55 52
Poisson's Coefficient μ 0.305 0.315 0.0032 0.0032
20℃ Temperature coefficient of electrical  resistance
0.0042 0.0041 0.0039 0.031
20℃ Electrical Resistivity  β,Ω.m㎡/m 0.043 0.034 0.031 0.31
Aluminum Tubular Busbar

Aluminum Tubular Busbar
Compared with rectangular busbar, aluminum tubular busbar is more and more popular. and has the following advantages:
1. Large current carrying capacity
The main body of aluminum tubular busbar is hollow copper pipe or aluminum alloy pipe with large surface area. Compared with conventional rectangular bus, the current density on the conductor surface is evenly distributed, and the maximum rated current can reach 12000A.
2. Good insulation performance
The aluminum tubular busbar adopts sealed shielding insulation, the shell grounding potential is zero, the electric field on the bus surface is evenly distributed, and the electrical insulation performance is strong. It can pass directly through the cable trench and cable interlayer.
3. High mechanical strength
The allowable stress of the main body of tubular bus is 4 times that of rectangular bus. It can bear large short-circuit current and high mechanical strength, so that the maximum span of bus support can reach 8m.
4. Good heat dissipation and low temperature rise
The tubular busbar is a hollow conductor, with ventilation holes at both ends of the bus. The inner diameter air duct can naturally form hot air convection, with good heat dissipation conditions, which is better than the conventional bus.
5. Low loss
The shape of tubular bus determines that its surface skin effect coefficient is low, KF ≤ 1, AC resistance is small, so the power loss of bus is small. The dielectric loss of the insulation layer of the cross-linked shielded insulated bus is less than 0.01%.,
6. High heat resistance coefficient of insulating materials
The main insulating material of cross-linked shielded insulated tubular busbar is polytetrafluoroethylene, which has excellent electrical performance and chemical stability. It can work normally at - 200 ℃ ~ + 200 ℃. It has the advantages of low dielectric loss, flame retardant, aging resistance, cooperation with other insulating materials, and the service life of the product is ≥ 30 years.
7. Strong resistance to electrical vibration
According to the results of dynamic stability test, the copper tube bus with voltage of 10kV and rated current of 4000A can withstand the impact of 63kA (4S) short-circuit current. It can directly fix the bus on the steel frame or concrete support, and eliminate the wall bushing and post insulator, which has strong anti vibration ability.
8. It is free from environmental interference and has high reliability
Each phase of the aluminum tubular busbar is enclosed, shielded and insulated, without condensation inside, and eliminates the grounding and phase to phase short circuit faults caused by external moisture, dust and foreign objects. The operation has a high degree of reliability.,
9. The bus structure is concise, the layout is clear, the installation is convenient and the maintenance workload is less.
The product is successfully installed at one time and free of maintenance for life
Aluminum tubular busbar is mainly used in the conductor connection between power grid transmission conductor and substation transformer, jumper in transmission line, connecting conductor in power equipment and overcurrent conductor in high current DC ice melting device in power construction projects. It is a new conductor instead of the traditional one and one of the indispensable equipment (materials) of power transmission and transformation system.
Therefore, tubular busbar is widely used in large power consumption projects such as power supply, power generation, petrochemical industry, metal smelting, new energy, large machinery, various mining, shipbuilding, papermaking, subway and so on.

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