Copper clad aluminium bus-bars(CCA)

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Copper clad aluminium bus-bars(CCA)

Author:Frank  Time:2023-05-06
Copper clad aluminium bus-bars(CCA)





Copper clad aluminium bus-bars(CCAis also known as copper clad aluminum busbar, copper clad aluminum bus bar or copper aluminum clad busbar, etc.Copper clad aluminium bus-bars(CCAis a kind of high technology and energy saving conductor material. It also has the electrical conductivity of copper and the small density of aluminum.
As early as in 1960s, some countries in Europe and the United States began to study and apply copper clad aluminum materials, and made the conductor standard as early as possible. Copper clad aluminum is known as the third generation of new conductors after copper and aluminum in Europe and America. All countries have related industry standards. It has now entered the practical stage. It is widely used in automation, metallurgy, high and low voltage electrical appliances, construction industry and metallurgical industry.

Copper clad aluminium bus-barsCopper clad aluminium  flat bars

The Copper clad aluminium bus-bars(CCA is a kind of aluminum matrix and coating copper in the outer layer, making them form permanent interatomic metallurgical bimetallic, with bright, round and no defects on the surface. It is a new conductor material which combines copper's high quality and stable conductivity with aluminum's low cost energy and low contact resistance. It can completely replace pure copper, 40% of copper, 60% of aluminum, 2 to 2.5 times of pure copper busbar, 85% of pure copper busbar under the same specification, and 10% of the choice when the cutting area is increased by 10%. The mechanical and electrical properties can meet the requirements of the customer.
The advantages of Copper clad aluminium bus-bars(CCA:

1, good electrical conductivity: copper aluminum volume ratio of 15% or 20% copper clad aluminum power discharge performance, compared with copper row, its AC current carrying capacity is 85% of pure copper.
2, light weight: the density of copper clad aluminum platoon is only 37%-40% of pure copper bus-bars, and the length of the same weight is 2 to 2.5 times of pure copper bus-bars.
3. Good mechanical properties: good tensile strength, flexibility and elongation.
4, solid copper and aluminum binding: two kinds of metal materials in various ambient temperatures to achieve permanent interatomic bonding, and the copper layer (tin, zinc layer) distribution is uniform, no physical defects.
5, good ductility and reliability: after a special heat treatment process, it has a certain plasticity, which is beneficial to the products of punching, shearing and bending without cracking and separating. In order to improve corrosion resistance, tin plating and zinc plating can be applied on the surface of copper layer.
6, the best selectivity: save copper materials, greatly reduce the cost of production matching, green environmental protection, no pollution.

Copper clad aluminium bus-bars in stock

Note: Copper clad aluminium bus-bars can be manufactured according to user's width and thickness.
Copper clad aluminium bus-bars can be used to replace copper bus-bars and aluminum bus-bars. It is widely used. Automation, metallurgy, high and low voltage electrical appliances, construction industry and metallurgical industry. The product adopts the advanced bimetal composite technology abroad, with stable quality and reliable performance. It is a high-tech energy-saving product.

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