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Solid aluminum bar for automobiles

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Solid aluminum bar for automobiles




Product Detail

With the development of low carbon economy and low carbon transportation, the requirement of automobile lightweight is becoming more and more urgent.
It is desirable to maximize the use of aluminum instead of steel and cast iron for auto parts.Because aluminum in the alternative lightweight materials is the most cost-effective.

The aluminum extrusions used in automobile manufacturing include bars, pipe and rods.Row material Solid aluminum bar for
automobiles with more;The rods is used in small quantities for cutting small parts.The main applications of Solid aluminum bar for automobiles are thermal transmission system pipeline, power system pipeline, guide rail, window frame, trim, car body frame, van, etc.
More than 90% of Solid aluminum bar for automobiles is produced with 6XXX series alloy, and only a few are extruded with 3XXX series, 5XXX series and 7XXX series alloy.The Solid aluminum bar for automobiles and tubes are used in the manufacture of automobile parts.
The Solid aluminum bar for automobiles commonly used in the automotive industry are 3003, 3103, 5049, 6N01, 6005, 6005A, 6061,6082, 6063, 6082, 7N01, 7003, 7021, 7029, 7129, etc. The chemical composition of their alloy elements is shown in the table below.3XXX series alloys are used for extruding pipes, while 7XXX series alloys are mostly used for producing bumpers.
International standard alloy elements for automotive aluminum alloys(%)

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