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CCA busbar

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CCA busbar




Product Detail

CCA busbar can be specially used to replace copper row and aluminum row. Widely used in automation, metallurgy, high and low voltage electrical appliances, construction industry and metallurgy industry. Mainly has the following advantages:
Good electrical conductivity: the copper-aluminum volume ratio is 15% of the copper-clad aluminum discharge performance, and its AC current carrying capacity is 85% of pure copper compared with the copper row.
Light weight: The density of CCA busbar is only 37% -40% of the pure copper row, and the length (volume) of the same weight is 2.5-2.7 times that of the pure copper row.
Good mechanical properties: good tensile strength, bendability and elongation.
Strong copper-aluminum bonding: Two different metal materials achieve permanent atomic intercrystalline bonding at various ambient temperatures, and the copper layer (tin plating, zinc layer) is evenly distributed without any physical defects.
Good ductility and reliability: After a special heat treatment process, it has a certain plasticity, which is beneficial to punching, shearing and bending products without cracking or separation. In order to improve the corrosion resistance, tin plating and galvanizing treatment can be performed on the surface of the copper layer.
CCA busbar adopts advanced foreign bimetallic composite material technology, reliable quality stability and performance is a high-tech energy-saving product, in line with customer requirements of wire diameter and mechanical and electrical performance technical requirements.

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