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Aluminum flat bar for automobile

Author:frank  Time:2020-02-06    Source:未知

Aluminum flat bar for automobile




Product Detail

As a kind of material with great development potential, Signi Aluminum Aluminum flat bar for automobile has entered the sight of automobile manufacturers and consumers.

Compared with steel plate, Aluminum flat bar for automobile has more obvious advantages, one of the biggest, is light weight.Compared with the current mainstream steel plate, the weight of the aluminum only 1/3 of the steel plate, with Aluminum flat bar for automobile manufacturing cars, can effectively reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption.Among all kinds of cars sold today, many high-end cars' hood, door and other parts are made of aluminum.Ford motor introduced the f-150 pickup truck, the body is made entirely of aluminum, has attracted wide attention in the industry.
In the automobile manufacturing industry, some advanced technologies emerge one after another, and aluminum is often used as the basic material in the casting of some key components, because Signi Aluminum Aluminum flat bar for automobile is lighter than steel and can promote the deepening of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.It plans to build a $300 million plant in the U.S. state of Kentucky to cater to auto customers who want to reduce vehicle weight under stricter efficiency rules.The microstructure and properties of the tig joint of aluminum alloy for automobile water tank were studied by means of metallographic structure and tensile property test.

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