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7050 T6 T651 Aluminium flat rectangular bar

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7050 T6 T651 Aluminium flat rectangular bar




Product Detail

7050 T6 T651 Aluminium flat rectangular bar is a high-strength heat-treatable alloy with extremely high strength and resistance to spalling corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. Commonly used in aircraft structural parts for medium and thick plate extrusions, free forgings and die forgings.
The main alloying element of 7050 T6 T651 Aluminium flat rectangular bar is zinc. Adding magnesium to the alloy containing 3%-7.5% zinc can form MgZn2 with significant strengthening effect, making the heat treatment effect of this alloy far better than aluminum-zinc binary alloy . Increasing the content of zinc and magnesium in the alloy will further increase the tensile hardness, and its resistance to stress corrosion and spalling corrosion will increase accordingly. After heat treatment, very high strength characteristics can be achieved. This series of materials is generally A small amount of copper, chromium and other alloys will be added. In this series, 7050-7451 aluminum alloy is the top grade, which is known as the best product among aluminum alloys. It has high strength and is far better than mild steel. This alloy has good mechanical properties and anode reactions. Mainly used in aerospace, mold processing, machinery and equipment. Tooling and fixtures, especially for aircraft manufacturing structures and other high-stress structures that require high strength and strong corrosion resistance.
7050 T6 T651 Aluminium flat bar
Density: 2.83g/cm3 (0.102lb/in3) at 20°C (68°F).
Annealing temperature 415°C (775°F)
Solid solution temperature 475℃ (890℉)
Aging temperature 120-175℃ (250-350℉)

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