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6013 T4 T6 Extruded aluminum square bar

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6013 T4 T6 Extruded aluminum square bar




Product Detail

6013 aluminum alloy is a new medium strength Al-Mg-Si-Cu aluminum alloy, has good fracture toughness, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and other characteristics, excellent formability. Aluminum alloy is a new type of aluminum alloy developed by Alcoa. 6013 T4 T6 Extruded aluminum square bar initial application is aimed at the automotive industry to improve fuel efficiency by reducing component weight. The corrosion resistance of 6013 T4 T6 Extruded aluminum Square Bar is better than that of high strength 7XXX series alloy, and the strength is higher than that of ordinary 6XXX series alloy and keeps the excellent corrosion resistance and form ability,6013 T4 T6 Extruded aluminum square bar is widely used in aviation, aerospace, ship, transportation and construction sectors. Some parts that are difficult to form, such as engine retaining cover, are usually used in 2024. If 6013 is used, forming problems can be solved and heat treatment costs can be greatly reduced.
6013 T4 T6 Extruded Aluminum Square Bar is one of the most advanced aluminum alloys in the world, it has excellent form ability (casting, plastic forming, welding), medium specific strength, good corrosion resistance, superior damage tolerance, excellent thermal exposure stability and a series of properties. It has significant application background in large civil aircraft, military carrier-borne aircraft, rail transit and other fields.

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