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1060 aluminum flat bus bar

Author:frank  Time:2020-02-14    Source:未知

1060 aluminum flat bus bar




Product Detail

With the rapid development of pure Signi Aluminum1060 aluminum flat bus bar, the requirements for wires are higher and higher. With the increase of cooling rate, the solid solubility increases, which increases the subsequent extrusion resistance.As the cooling rate decreases, the Q phase gradually coarsenes, which is difficult to fully melt back into the matrix and easy to melt in the late extrusion period, resulting in the degradation of the surface quality of the extruded products and the reduction of the final mechanical properties.
Taking a 220kV line project as an example, the method of annual cost minimization is used to calculate and analyze the conductor selection, and it is recommended to use 1060 aluminum flat bus bar with large section for energy saving.Pd/PANI (polyaniline) nanocomposites doped with different inorganic acids (HCl, H2SO4 and H3PO4) were synthesized by using PdCl2 as metal precursor and aniline as monomer in the liquid phase under the condition of avoiding light.
The effects of the cooling rate after homogenization on the microstructure and properties of the alloy were studied by means of optical microscope, scanning electron microscope, differential thermal analyzer, conductivity and vickers hardness test.The samples 1060 aluminum flat bus bar were characterized by XRD, FESEM, ft-ir and uv-vis.Mg2Si phase and Q phase in the tissue can be fully dissolved by heat preservation at 560℃ for 3 h.
At different cooling rates, the strengthening elements exist in the matrix in the form of solid solution state and precipitation phase respectively.In order to allow solute atoms to be fully precipitated as far as possible, and at the same time to ensure that they are distributed in the 1060 aluminum flat bus bar in the form of a large number of small precipitated phases, so that they can be fully redissolved at the later stage of extrusion to avoid the processing cracks caused by the melting of the coarse precipitated phase, the optimal cooling rate after homogenization should be controlled at about 545℃/h.
Compared with conventional steel core Signi Aluminum1060 aluminum flat bus bar 2×JL1/ g1a-300/40, the wind load is reduced by 15%, the resistance loss is reduced by 12.7%, the annual cost is 157,300 yuan /km(4.5%) lower, and the economic benefit is significant.

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